Friday, May 26, 2017

CCleaner Pro 1.19.76 APK

CCleaner Pro 1.19.76 APK

          CCleaner Pro 1.19.76 APK

With CCleaner Pro cleans unnecessary files and unused applications to increase the performance of your Android device. From Piriform, creators of the most popular cleaning software for PC and Mac. and now it's on Android OS

Your Android device
- Is slow?
- Does it hang often?
- It is full?
- Can not add new photos or applications?

CCleaner will help you
- Increase performance - your phone will be faster, free from unnecessary junk
- Take control of your phone - find out what your storage is consuming so you can decide what you really need
- Remove remnants - free yourself from old Whatsapp messages, text messages, caches, call logs and other things you do not need. Simply select whether you want to delete files individually or together
- Get a summary of your apps - remove or disable the ones you do not use
- Free space - for your applications, music and photos that really matter
- Save the files you need - the application will not delete anything unless you ask for it

Upgrade to Pro and get the following features
- Schedule automatic cleaning - choose when you want your phone cleaned and what you want to remove and CCleaner will automatically run in the background
- Instantly removes files that consume storage - find the culprits and eliminate them at once
- Priority assistance - in case you need extra help
- Soon more features Pro ...

CCleaner Pro 1.19.76 APK

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