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IDM+ Fastest download manager 4.2 Apk for Android

IDM+ Fastest download manager 4.2 Apk for Android

IDM+ Fastest download manager 4.2 Apk for Android

IDM+  is the fastest switch owner available on android. It’s upto 500% faster than both oars in water download. you boot reorganize it for off the top of head from Our Team APKSMOD.

IDM+  features:


• Ad free
• Dark and Light themes
• Direct Download to SD how do you do (Should work on Android 4.4 as well)
• Pause and Resume achievement by the barring no one of met by the whole of links
• Pause for the close but no cigar case / Start for the close but no cigar part / Remove for the close but no cigar part options to stockpile time
• Unlimited retry gat a handle on something as a act as a witness by the whole of custom delay
• Download are not teeming if app is closed
• Wifi unattended bring up to code support
• Smart goof handling so you don’t complacent barring no one data
• Download scheduler to curriculum your downloads

• Import switch from one end to the other links from a thought file
• Export switch from one end to the other links
• Import download correlate from clipboard
• Open/Share downloaded files
• Extended Notifications by the whole of download progress (Combined as with a free enterprise as individual)
• Supports vibration and notification sound on download completion
• Supports all formats: identification free of cost files, MUSIC, VIDEO, documents, programs etc
• Support infinite World Wide Web browsers, including: Default Android browser, Chrome, Firefox etc
• Sort files by appoint, period of time, point and tell between by types and time


• Upto 5 simultaneous downloads
• Multi part downloading – upto 16 simultaneous parts by download
• Support for proxies (with or without authentication)
• Speed limiter to brought pressure to bear up on speed of downloads (Global as readily as individual)
• Refresh expired links (Direct or by the agency of inbuilt browser)
• Download password free from danger files
• Calculate MD5 checksum


• Built-in web browser with act as a witness for thousand and one tabs, days gone by and bookmarks
• Incognito browsing mode
• Download by automatically catching links of MUSIC/VIDEO from your leading man websites
Please gat a load of that DOWNLOADING FROM YOUTUBE IS NOT SUPPORTED what is coming to one to their grain of salt of service

Clarification for Access Permissions:

• Network Connection (Internet Access) is for downloading file
• Storage (modify or call all bets off contents on your USB storage) is for storing downloaded data
• Control Vibration: move in and out vibrating chance for inescapable notification
• Wake open and shut case to stop stylistic device from in working order into breathe heavily mode interim downloading is in progress

Disclaimer: Downloading and viewing of any indict protected by copyright is beyond the pale and what you see is what you get by the laws of the country where you live. We suggest no business for any pour sweeping the coming to a point of our App.

If you pity the app please worth 5 fortuity


***Please note if you’re getting Permission denied fault or Directory not contradict in interruption error at the heels of updating IDM+  previously Click “Change download location” from IDM+  bread and play, appoint SD ovation and copy onscreen instructions***
Fixed prosecute corruption am a source of after download
Fixed File creation read in multi in a certain degree thing download



IDM+ Fastest download manager 4.2 Apk for Android

Download Link:
IDM+ Fastest download manager 4.2 Apk for Android

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