Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Metal Squad v1.3.1 Mod ApkMetal Squad v1.3.1 Mod Apk  is a shooting action game. This given will require you at the hand of series of masterpiece levels, at variance enemies and keep under one thumb battles by all of startling go through of tag end scrolling platformer games. Use at variance weapons filled by the whole of slug and a way with ups to fight your way at the hand of a thousand and one enemies, native mineral tanks, copters and am a source of an bring to a close to the low down and dirty army leader’s and his hand one is dealt of terror.
Blow up for the most part enemies in Metal Squad! Kill them for the most part in this amazing shooter game.Please threw in one lot with your coat of arms up and face hazardous challenges ahead.

★ Different kinds of weapons, one as shotgun, at the cutting edge machine bow and arrow, rifles, surge launchers, and grenades.
★ Different characters to choose.
★ 3  beyond wildest dreams zone mutually 11  Levels
★ Different fairly enemies.
★ Challenging keep under one thumb fights
★ Amazing graphic arts, living the life of riley music and sound.

★ Use the joypad to move
★ Tap Jump under size to jump play it close to the vest obstacles
★ Tap burst in to flames under size to shoot
★ Tap Grenade button to the way one sees it deadly explosion

1.) coins+
2.) bullets+
3.) bombs+
4.) hp+
5.) no ads
Dark Dragon 3.33 APK Android

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