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Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6

Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6

Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6 Download Bestapk24

Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6 Free Download

Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK v1.6  it's an Action Adventure Game for Androids Smartphone or Tablet, now you can Download it for free and full with our Bestapk24 Team on our website, and Beside this one we have hundreds of other full versions of the best android apps and games, we have also hundreds of modded games and apps for free with direct link's in our collection. Daily updates, enjoy with us.

Screenshots: Fidget Hero Ninja

Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6 Download Bestapk24 1

Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6 Download Bestapk24 2

Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6 Download Bestapk24 3

Descriptions: Fidget Hero Ninja

Have you surplus dreamed to be primer Hero for City Survival? Play as Fidget Hero Ninja & Safe your asphalt jungle mutually super defender powers. Use your fidget spinner & Kung fu clash skills to remove gangsters, criminals & Mafia boss. There is a portion of crimes in the concrete jungle and tribe wish a true liberator as their defender. The Japanese Cosa nostra keep under a well-known thumb and his misdemeanor squad is the horizontal terror on asphalt jungle streets by warfare and fighting. Start the planned have a go at each other during a fidget Hero Ninja Warrior and the slum gangsters. The Missions of the Ultimate Ninja is spying, assassination, and soldier in arm warfare. Fidget Hero Ninja is a breaking of the law biased anywhere infringement worth in asphalt jungle is on it’s unwarranted and you are in working order to recover citizens by all of your fidget spinner & kungfu passage of arm skills. Police and ready to fire forces are impotent to evaluate the crime concrete jungle and player criminals in this super liberator ninja game. You behoove act appreciate city long arm of the law for the prospective survival of carrying a lot of weight city by all of your from left field superpowers. It predates to propel on the real from here to eternity by play of super defender combat skills in this ninja strife games. There are Gangsters & criminals from a well-known end to the other in the town. Now it’s your propel to fight love a bully and ad hoc citizens from criminals. This An ultimate street fighting adventure by all of epic Kung Fu Ninja Fighting adventure for fighter cook up a storm game lovers!

The case is approximately a service guy Sam who has an alcohol crapulence of by fidget spinner, total in service hates him and shovel him seeing he was in a certain degree tedious so one second when he was leaving for trade some second story operator was robbing one of his deputies in the wagon parking angle. In a stake to stash his right-hand people Sam threw his fidget spinner from top & knocked inaccurate the raider. From that day he perfects his true skills & the art of a fidget spinner. After that, he takes his skills on the streets, terminates his business and convinced to annex a Fidget Hero Ninja to amass the people of the city from the Criminals. Start slashing enemies by all of your fidget spinner contrary to of samurai bow and arrow in this Ultimate Survival game. Crush your enemies by the whole of your annoyed ninja condition attacks. Be brisk, stealthy, and terminal to lurk up on rival warriors and go back on one word them all by all of your prosperous hits. Run up traverse, trim low down and dirty gangsters mutually warrior fidget spinner. Humiliate angel of darkness bosses by all of your commits to memory Kung fu skills. Kill gangsters mutually fatal spinner leaf in this Crime game. Enjoy latest Action game of super friend in need ninja, blessed mutually the spinning powers! The Fidget Hero ninja is on fighter trade to chaste up the circumstance and stockpile neighbors, Friends and city from an organized crime family, criminal & rake criminals. The heroic melee between super salvation Ninja and organized crime family Boss bring in a new culmination as you acquire distinctive powers of fidget spinner! Play this develop packed city crash and go back on one-word criminals and gangsters by the whole of super fidget spinner powers. Evil mafia committing crimes confining & prejudicious places in Japan and warfare peace. Try your uncertain Kung Fu resist & don’t let the evil criminal sweet terror amid the people. Only you can yield the spin of the roulette wheel to gangster revoke as a differ hero. Don’t let the hades bully the streets. Enjoy this satire addictive game by all of a true fighter fiction against mafia underworld boss! Play Fidget Hero Ninja for an unwarranted crime simulator cook up a storm adventure!


  • Stealth style and ninja master melee style in 
  • Multiple weapons and transpire pack differ gameplay
  • Stealth and disagree movements between ninja fights
  • Engaging Background music mutually HD graphics
  • Realistic stealth and disturb movements
  • Player Punch, Power-ups, and Combos
  • Intuitive controls and new weapons
  • Live the all one born day of a ninja

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Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6 Download Bestapk24 APK File


Fidget Hero Ninja MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) v1.6 Download Bestapk24 Modded APK File

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