Friday, February 15, 2019

LAS APK for Android devices (v0.07) Free Download Novel Game

LAS APK for Android devices (v0.07) Free Download Novel Game

Version: 0.07 | Size: 352MB | 4.2/150,000

Las APK is one of the popular novel game for Android which is also popular of the most awaited content story that a guy with his mother and sister background family story, wherein they have a neighbor looking for a group of family survive from a secret and forgotten rival of power.

But what if they found out about their true identity that the main character and his family that they are the only family survive from a bad past which is also the reason their father keep the secret, but for now you must investigate why and how this family lives for decades.

The first time you play this game, you have a bad experience from your love life which forces you to travel and live for 2 years in Asia, but after that, you decided to go back home and you will meet your family which you did not see for 2 years.

Next is you need to do some quest which also your first task, you can visit this YouTube Channel so you can follow how to complete the quest.

There are other characters that you soon see once you start playing the game, and in the middle of the game, you will ask which character you decide to become, we suggest you choose FITNESS because it will help you a lot of your journey on this game.

Most of the players keep asking if how they can get the oil on the tech store, well after you see your friend that throw massage oil on the trash can, then you got an optional quest of massage oil then that's the time you get the massage oil, before you meet your mom at home you need to get the  massage oil to complete the quest, better watch the video provided for guide, they provide complete walkthrough on this game.

Although this game is very interesting to play, the problem for this is that the update is not often released so if you want this game update you can support them by simply becoming a patron.

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